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In the most picturesque area of Santorini, Imerovigli, we have created a newly built A class apartment complex with luxurious rooms. We have named it Eltheon after our daughter’s name Eleni and Theoni.

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Eltheon Hotel is built in a beautiful location, in Imerovigli of Santorini. The complex is situated at the western part of the island and offers unique view to the sea and the surrounding area.

Imerovigli is a picturesque settlement with traditional houses and narrow cobblestone paths. It is built at the highest point of the island, 1km from the island¬Ęs capital, Fira. The white-painted houses, in combination to the small churches that pop out here and there, create an idyllic scenery that takes visitors back to past times.

In Imerovigli you will find many hotel complexes that offer a comfortable and pleasant accommodation.

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